Piano Solo Kairiki Bear Selection

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"Continueing to expand the stage of activities in present, very popular vocalo producer, “Kairiki Bear” is providing music for popular artists and has 550,000 subscribers in his official YouTube channel. His long-awaited official piano song collection in out! 15 songs are included starting with the representative song, ""Venom"" that caused a big boom mainly on various SNS, “Darling Dance” and “Ruma” which are popular songs that are inevitable to be addicted. Every songs are selected from the posts on YouTube and Nico Nico Doga sang by vocaloid vocal. You can perfectly enjoy the representative “Kairiki Bear” great phrases with this intermediate arrangement score that has written by utilizing the original songs. At the beginning on the score, message pages are attached. This is a fans’ must-haves."
J-POP Vocalo P Utaite song piano collection
Piano Solo
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