Enjoy with Piano Solo Studio Ghibli Tribute Album "Singing the Ghibli"

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This is matching piano music score for piano solo of tribute album, "Singing the Ghibli" produced by Satoshi TAKEBE♪ You can enjoy new arrangements of Studio Ghibli songs that are different from the originals that are faithfully reproduced the world of Studio Ghibli tribute album,"Singing the Ghibli". ・At the beginning of the score, comment from Satoshi TAKEBE is printed! He pleasantly talked about production episodes of every songs. ・ For the cover, illustration jacked is used which was drawn by director Goro MIYAZAKI that is same as the CD album jacket! ・"Merry-go-round of Life" which rearranged by Hayato SUMINO is with the music score supervised by Mr. SUMINO himself that allows you to enjoy the keyboard harmonica and piano ensemble! As same as the CD album, the same 13 songs are printed in gorgeous arrangement with full sizes! It maybe fun to play and compare the original score and the rearranged score. There are many valuable arrangements that can only be obtained here, so please take this opportunity to enjoy them.
Studio Ghibli Anime Music Collection
Piano Solo
Joe Hisaishi
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