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Finally, the cool band sound of "Splatoon 3" is now available as a piano score! You can also enjoy 3 songs that rise up the mood of "Splatoon 2" and "Chorus of Calamari County" with the choreography of Squid Sisters. "Splatoon 3" is a big hit game software that has sold over 10.67 million copies worldwide (as of March 2023) since it was released by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch in September 2022. To commemorate the 1st anniversary of its release, that cool band sound has been made into a score for piano! The songs during the battle such as, "Clickbait", "Headhammer", "Sea Me Now", and "Now or Never!", during the hero mode, "Smeared Canvas",and "Wave Goodbye", songs by the Deep Cut, "Till Depth Do Us Part" and arrangement for four-hand performance, "Anarchy Rainbow" and etc. are carefully selected and they are all popular songs from its game. Also, 3 more songs are printed. From "Splatoon 2", "Chip Damage", at the Octo Expansion when the battle with the last boss, "Fly Octo Fly ~Ebb & Flow (Octo)" and reminds you about many famous battles that touches your heart, "Into the Light". The song, "Chorus of Calamari County" which Squid Sisters dance, the choreography sheet is attached so you can enjoy playing, singing and dancing! Lyrics are also attached for the songs by Deep Cut and Off The Hook. How about imaging the heated battle from "Splatoon 3" and "Splatoon 2" by playing the piano and release your adrenaline? ★Nintendo Official Collection ★Supervision : Nintendo Co., Ltd. ■Grade : Intermediate ( [6] is for beginner×intermediate) ■Composition : Piano Solo ( [6] is for four -hand performance)
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