Beautiful Sound Four Hand Piano Advanced×Advanced Best of Studio Ghibli

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Taking an advantage of the beautiful sound of the uniqueness of the piano, this series, "Beautiful Sound for Four Hand Piano”, pursued on the piano arrangement which are worth playing and listening. Gorgeous arrangement which only could express in advanced level technique! In this "Beautiful Sound for Four Hand Piano" series, by keeping the original mood of the songs, it is made by the concept of "beautiful sound to perform with the piano", "play-genic", and "luxurious and gorgeous" that are aimed to create an arrangement that are pleasant to the performers and also pleasant and satisfying to the listeners. Best selected 10 popular songs for piano performance and contents are easy to use for selecting the songs to perform. In "advanced edition", primo and second are both arranged for advanced level. Each part is making a full use of playing techniques and ensemble techniques, and the both players' performance will be completed by their melodies lie on top of one another. Those will be a big need of this score’s contents. Both players are in need to keep the rhythm together and work on call-and-response of the melody and those will be showing the techniques as an advanced level. You can perform the luxurious and beautiful finish of the songs. Please enjoy the original arrangement aiming for rich expression by keeping the original mood of the songs that are "only one" in this score!
Studio Ghibli Anime Music Collection
Four Hand
Joe Hisaishi
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