Piano Solo/ Four Hand Performance Enjoying with Piano Fischer's

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Popular video creator, Fischer’s song collection is out who are leaving many records! Let’s challenge four handed performance by piano this spring with the song ”START!!“ with everybody!! Fischer's has started creating videos with their motto, “To have fun!!!”, and they soon became very popular. Next year they already have received “Streamy Awards / International: Asia Pacific Region” prize which outstanding streaming video creator of the year receives. This is a music score of their music activities! Total of 3 songs are printed for both beginners level and intermediate level. “Good-Bye and See You Again”, which you want to sing around graduation season, “Rainbow” that brings up your courage, and “Hundred and More Times of Love song” which intro is impressive. And finally, “START!!” is prepared for four handed performance which can be played with 2 to 4 people. There are parts for keyboard beginners to participate, so that everyone can have fun for sure. If you want to try something new, “START!!” will be a great chance to try your four handed performance with the piano. At the beginning of the score, live show photos and messages from their member, “Ndaho & Peketan”!
Piabi Solo
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