Piano Solo Intermediate Level Sonar Pocket Selection for Piano Sona Poke-ism SUPER BEST

18 songs are selected from the Sonar Pocket’s first best album, “Sona Poke-ism SUPER BEST” which was released on September 3rd, 2013. Those 18 songs are carefully selected specially the ones you want to play with the piano. They are recorded in the album, “Sona Poke-ism SUPER BEST,” from their debut song, “Promise” to their newest song, “Senko Hanai ~Promise of August~.” Love songs equal Sona-Poke! There are full of their famous songs in this score such as, “I Love You for 100 Years”, ”I Love You ~100 Times of Regrets”, “To the Most Wonderful You in the World” and etc. It is faithfully arranged to their original songs so that you can enjoy their world of music with piano solo. ※ This score is selected from their best album, “Sona Pokeism SUPER BEST”
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