Enjoy with Piano Kirby of the Stars ~Game Music Selection~

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Kirby of the Stars' game music became a music score for the first time! "Kirby of the Stars" has been loved in wide range of generations for long time over 30 years. From 7 games which have been released in recent years, 17 songs are carefully selected and arranged for beginner-intermediate and intermediate level. Not only in Japan but in overseas, it has been a big hit that was released in 2022, "Kirby and the Forgotten Land". From its game, a song "Running Through the New World" is printed in 2 patterns, for beginner-intermediate solo and for piano duet (beginner-intermediate×intermediate). You can enjoy the song which fits with your level, and for example, if you want to take a little break, you can play short phrase, "Kirby Dance", when you want to relax, you can play "Napping", and if you feel like challenging the boss like the game, you can enjoy playing the cool sound in intermediate arrangement. It also include songs that have motifs of the classic "Gourmet Race" and "Green Greens", which long-time Kirby fans will know for sure. There are many character illustrations on the cover and inside the music score. Please enjoy various illustrations along with the game music.
Game music for piano
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