Animation to begin airing October 2022!!

It's October in Japan, and new anime have begun airing!
There are 76 titles. We are happy to have variety!

The staff in charge of this project is looking forward to the second broadcast season of SPY x FAMILY,
which was very popular in the previous airing!

The opening song and closing song feature new characters, Bond Forger and Fiona Frost.
I watch it with my whole family!

By the way,I can't see Crunchyroll in Japan, what are the voice actors like in your country?
I like Anya's (voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki) "azazamasu" and "neck-chomba" very much.
I am wondering how that is expressed in other countries.

In Japan, it airs every Saturday at 23:00 on TV and is available on almost all streaming platforms!

The theme song is "SOUVENIR" by BUMP OF CHICKEN.
The band has many fans in Japan, so it will be a hot topic.

Ending song is "Colors" by YAMA
The music fits the work so well!

A campaign has also begun in Japanese convenience stores.
I got the clear file♩♩

Due to its popularity, the campaign goods ran out quickly in Japan.
We will upload the product when the sheet music is available.

Illustration: SMJ Staff
I didn't have time to color. .......
*Anya's line is "Thank you!
This is it. w