Aimer is a new-age Japanese singer with a miraculous voice.
She has a clear and deep husky voice that is unforgettable once you hear it.
Many artists are fascinated by her singing voice.

Some of the most popular artists have provided and produced songs for her.
Aimer is a mysterious songstress whose profile has not been made public, and whose age and background are unknown.

Her father is a music lover, and music has been a part of her life since she was born.

From a young age, her dream was to become a singer, and she was always singing.

However, when she was 15 years old, she woke up in the morning and suddenly lost her voice.

The reason was that she broke her throat by singing too much.

On the recommendation of her doctor, she underwent "silence therapy," in which she was not allowed to speak for six months.

Due to this desperate experience, her passion for songs got stronger and stronger on the contrary.

After that, she started to sing in a way that does not strain her throat, and created a singing voice that attracts many people.

Her voice is straight and pure, and a strong conviction in loneliness.
When I first heard her voice, I felt nostalgic.

Her mysterious voice that makes induces you to listen all the time. We are looking forward to Aimer's future success!!