Piano solo Mamoru Hosoda Works

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Today, I bring the news surely related music, sheet music and animations!

Maybe many of those who are big fans of Japanese animated feature films already have heard this big news of the release at cinemas in Japan.
Yes, Mamoru Hosoda, who is often said as one of the successors of Japanese animator guru Hayao Miyazaki along with Makoto Shinkai, has released a new big film title called Belle: The Dragon and Freckled Princess ( Ryu to Sobakasu no Hime ).

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0tORZayURs (GKIDS Films)

The spirited singer who is known as her energetic piano and sings, Kaho Nakamura is featured as the voice actor for main character, Suzu Naito and Belle, as a futuristic singer with Kaho's unconstrained voice, makes headlines around the world now.

As seen from some American articles, the anime featured film will be released this Winter in the USA, it feels a bit long even after the Olympics finished safely.

Until the time has come, what we can do is enjoying the excitement of Belle by watching again Mamoru Hosoda's previous works and also play those soundtracks and songs with sheet music of piano collection, why not!?

Here Sheet Music Japan specially gathers the piano scorebooks and some related piano pieces including the collections for Mamoru Hosoda's works and the song pieces composed by Daiki Tsuneta from King Gnu who has worked on the main song for Belle as Millennium Parade.
Additionally, Ikuta Lilas as known as Ikura, the vocalist of YOASOBI also starring for the one of voice actors for Belle.
Please check out below for the scorebooks and sheet music related the Hosoda Works and artists the up-coming film!