Piano Solo Easy for Beginners "Your Name." music by RADWIMPS

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The official piano score of “Your Name.” which was an animation movie's big hit in 2016, beginners' score became a part of the series. Total of 4 theme songs starting from “Dream Lantern”, “Zenzenzense -Previous Life- (movie ver.)“ that excites us with great tempo, “Sparkle (movie ver.)” that drew with a grand scale, and “Never Mind (movie ver.)” that moves your heart. Every songs are easy to play for beginners since there are 2 types of scores. Piano solo score (grand staff) and melody staff which can be played with only the white keys. Each songs have pitch names, so that those of you who are not familiar with reading notes, you don’t have to worry about it. Theme song of “Your Name.” is the easiest score that you can be happy to enjoy! ※As your performance level, they are arranged with the original keys, prelude, interlude, postlude, and repeat. ※[5] “Dream Lantern” is partly using the black keys. Please note this in advance.
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